Laziness During the Summer Doesn’t Help a Problem Child

sleeping-1159279_1280Summer vacation is every child’s favorite time. No school, no responsibility, less supervision–a recipe for disaster if you have a problem child. Especially if your child is staying in all day and doesn’t have anything to do, it can cause them to turn to less favorable activities. A recent article pointed out the benefits of getting your child into something over the summer.

Too much unsupervised time doesn’t benefit children

If you’re the parent of a problem child, at times it can seem impossible, especially over the summer. For you, summer may be the most stressful time of the year for this very reason. For a child prone to getting into trouble, it’s important to find something that keeps them busy over the summer, preferably something that keeps them active, too. For many parents, this means sending your child to camp, but this isn’t the only option. There are many opportunities out there over the summer.

Ask your child what they’re interested in. They’re more likely to participate and get into it if they had a hand in choosing the activity. If it’s art, maybe search for an art camp or course. Ask them what they like to do outside. Hiking? Kayaking? Soccer? Fencing? Eventually, you’ll strike gold and you can figure it out together.

By getting your child involved in something, they have less time to mess around and do the things that often get them into trouble while they’re bored. It also gets them interacting with other kids their age, which is highly important for development.

Getting treatment for your problem child

As many parents know, a problem child can become unmanageable alone at certain points. When your child is disrupting daily life, being completely combative, and it seems very over the top, it could definitely be a signal of deeper issues. If this is the case, it’s important to seek out a professional for guidance on what steps to take in order to best benefit your child.

Asheville Academy can help

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