It’s a Scary, Scary World: Teens and Social Media

Teens and social media are pretty much inseparable in today’s world. It’s where they form relationships, communicate and shape their sense of selves. It’s undeniable, and frankly, unavoidable. Knowing how to help your daughter navigate this world is crucially important to her future well being. There are so many dangers online, and she’s extremely vulnerable. Having an “in” on what social media is the most popular can be difficult, as it changes constantly. Keeping your teen safe online is difficult, but there’s some things you can do to help your daughter.

Monitor her social media usage

There are so many social media monitoring softwares that it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. According to PC Magazine, Qustodio, Net Nanny, and SocialShield and Norton Online Family have some of the best software. Do some research on what would be best for your daughter depending on what devices she uses and where she goes online.
Another way to monitor what she’s doing online is to have one computer for her to use and put it in the living room or another public space. Have all of the login information for that computer and don’t let her use it unless you log her in yourself. This way, she can’t do anything inappropriate online without you knowing.

More tips

Keeping your daughter safe online can seem like a daunting task. Teens and social media seem to go hand and hand, like bread and butter. Here are a few tips that might help keep your daughter safe:

  • Make sure you have her login information
  • Keep track of who their friends/followers are
  • Know what form of social media she’s using
  • Be there when she’s setting up her social media
  • Warn her of the dangers of the internet
  • Encourage positive social media use – staying in touch with old friends, etc.


Knowing which social media sites can have a negative impact on your daughter is also important. Some make it super easy for your daughter to talk to strangers or view inappropriate content. These sites include:

  • YikYak: This site allows your daughter and other people in the area you live to post anonymously on a forum about anything they want. It’s a breeding ground for cyberbullying.
  • Chatroulette: Let’s your daughter talk to strangers via online video.
  • Tinder: Dating app that allows your daughter to post personal information and talk to random people.
  • Omegle: “Talk to strangers” is their motto.
  • 4chan: All sorts of inappropriate content is posted on this forum-based social media site.
  • Reddit: This site is a breeding ground for inappropriate pictures and content.
  • Tumblr: Cyberbullying and inappropriate images are all over this site.

If the problem continues …

If your daughter is having issues with cyberbullying and/or has constant inappropriate activity online, consider sending her to a therapeutic boarding school.

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 10-14. With a caring, professional staff, we can help your daughter get past whatever is causing her to act out online.

For more information about Asheville Academy, please call us today at 800-264-8709.