Is Your Daughter Worried About Going Back to School? 6 Tips for Back to School Success

At the end of every summer, anticipation for the new school year inevitably begins. If your daughter is transitioning into a new school, whether that be because she is entering middle or high school, or because you moved, this period can be emotionally draining and stressful. She’s probably worried about getting lost in the school, making new friends and what her classes will be like. If you’re worried about what to do for her, there’s no need to fear. Going back to school will be a breeze for your daughter with these 6 easy tips.

6 tips for back to school success:

  1. Tour the school with your daughter. This will get her familiar with where her classes will be if she already has her schedule. She’ll be less likely to get lost and she can help her new friends get around too!
  2. Get her back into the swing of things. A week or two prior to school starting, get her up at the time she would normally wake up for school and make sure she’s in bed at a reasonable hour.
  3. Talk about what’s stressing them out. They just want someone to listen. By finding out what’s wrong, you can come up with a solution to their issue. You can also tell them about your own back to school experiences and how everything turned out well for you.
  4. Help them set goals for the new year. Setting goals for academics and extracurriculars can help teens get motivated and start the year on a positive note.
  5. Go back to school shopping with her. This is a perfect bonding opportunity for the two of you. It’s also good to take advantage of the back to school sales! It might boost her confidence knowing she has some new clothes to wear on her first day back. Getting school supplies is also important for her to feel organized.
  6. Create a daily schedule. Get together with your daughter and put together a schedule detailing when she’ll do her homework, when her extracurriculars are and when she’ll go to bed every night. This makes it harder for her to procrastinate on assignments and blow off schoolwork for socializing.

Asheville Academy can help

Asheville Academy, a residential treatment center in a traditional school setting for girls 10-14, helps teen girls struggling with anxiety, depression and other emotional and behavioral issues. If your daughter’s worries about going back to school are more than just normal fears, consider sending her to Asheville Academy. With a caring staff and a clinically based program, Asheville Academy can help your daughter feel comfortable with school.

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