How to Help with Anger Management in Children

Parents are supposed to be the heads of the household, raising obedient and positive children. However, for households that have a child who is unable to control their emotions and behaviors, the children often tyrannizes the entire family. Even at a young age, they can be difficult to communicate with and impossible to control. Though at times you might feel helpless, there are things you can do to help with anger management in children.

“Anger is poison. You must purge it from your mind or else it will corrupt your better nature.” – Christopher Paolini

Signs your child needs help

Children do not instinctively know how to deal with anger or frustration. It is a process that must be learned and implemented. At a young age, childish outbursts are normal. When these behaviors continue into adolescents, it might be necessary to seriously address the need for anger management in children. Some indicative behaviors include:

  • Inability to control anger, resulting in physical violence
  • Frequent aggressive outbursts
  • Picks on and hurts those smaller than them
  • Frequently expresses hatred toward themselves and others
  • Unable to make or keep friends

Therapeutic boarding schools help children develop new coping strategies

It is the goal of Asheville Academy to help anger management in children overcome their issues and return to their families. Time in our program offers families much needed respite while providing the child with 24-hour care that validates how the child feels while teaching new ways to manage those feelings. AAG can help handle anger management in children by teaching new coping strategies, how to identify triggers and ways to communicate feelings rather than acting out.

Parents can help with anger management in children

Anger is not a bad feeling to have, but can lead to negative actions. Though your daughter’s actions are in her control, as a parent you can help her make better decisions and more effectively deal with anger. At a therapeutic boarding school, the family is present through every step of the process. Through weekly family sessions, parents can learn how to identify the root cause of the anger, how to address issues before they arise and how to positively reinforce positive actions.

For more help with anger management in children, call Asheville Academy for Girls at 800-264-8709.