Help for a Disruptive Daughter

Getting Help For A Disruptive Daughter

No parent wants to see their daughter struggle with behavioral or emotional challenges. If you have a disruptive daughter whose negative behaviors have impacted their academic and social success, it may sometimes feel like those behaviors will never change.

At Asheville Academy For Girls, a therapeutic boarding school for young girls ages 10-14, we help girls and their families work through behavioral and emotional challenges. After attending Asheville Academy, many families experience a transformation in their daughter.

A Therapeutic Approach Designed For Young Girls

At Asheville Academy, every aspect of our programming is designed to address the specific needs of 10-14 year old girls. Our entire model is built on emphasizing the individual strengths of each of our students. We create personalized therapeutic and academic plans in order to best meet the challenges each student is facing. Our programming help young girls break self-defeating patterns and achieve the success they deserve.

Our program helps young girls struggling with disruptive behaviors:

  • Gain self esteem and self confidence
  • Regulate and manage emotions
  • Learn to follow rules and directions
  • Improve relationship building skills
  • Repair damaged family relationships

With many years of experience, the talented staff at Asheville Academy have found success in helping countless young girls and their families.

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We can help your daughter achieve success

At Asheville Academy, we help young girls feel confident and empowered. Often, girls struggling with disruptive behaviors are dealing with challenges of self esteem and self confidence. They act out in order to gain attention or because they struggle to express themselves in any other way. Our programming helps rein in those disruptive behaviors and allows girls realize the negative ways in which their behavior affects others.

We involve the entire family in every step of the therapeutic process. It’s important to us that success continues at home, long after graduation from Asheville Academy. Our dedicated staff are passionate about helping students find lasting success.

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Therapeutic programming at Asheville Academy includes:

  • Equine therapy: Students work with horses located on campus to help regulate emotions.
  • Individual Therapy: Each student receives 90 minutes of therapy sessions with caring therapists.
  • Family Therapy: Families have a weekly 90 minute Skype call with their daughter and her therapist.
  • Group Therapy: Students attend weekly group therapy sessions which may specialize in a specific challenge such as trauma, body image, or attachment issues.

Asheville Academy can change your daughter’s behaviors

Asheville Academy can help transform your daughter into the person you want her to be. We are devoted to repairing family relationships and strengthening the bond between you and your daughter.

For more information about how Asheville Academy For Girls can help your daughter find success,  please call 800.264.8709 today.

Aheville Academy is the right fit

Asheville Academy can help bring your daughter back. We are devoted to helping families strengthen their bonds. To help your struggling daughter find the success she deserves, get her started at our boarding school for girls.

For more information about how Asheville Academy can help your entire family find success, please call (844) 661-9146

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