Have An Impulsive Middle School Daughter? Strategies to Help

Middle school is a tough period of transition and hormonal changes. For young girls, this can mean the beginning of their menstrual cycle, their newfound romantic interests, and the start of drama between peers. All of the excitement can quickly become overwhelming. Being a parent in the middle of all the middle school chaos can be equally as challenging. If you have an impulsive middle school daughter, you know that managing her impulses is nearly impossible sometimes. You may feel helpless or confused on what to do. It’s true, every child is going to respond to discipline differently. However, there are some ways that you can effectively help your middle school daughter combat her impulsiveness.

Strategies To Help Your Impulsive Middle School Daughter

There are specific ways in which you can help your impulsive middle school daughter address her struggles and hold her accountable for her actions. From these methods, she will improve her behaviors and learn how to navigate herself more appropriately. Here are some key ways in which you can get started helping your daughter:

  • Be proactive. You should enter every situation prepared to handle it. Whether their behavior is positive or negative, you should respond equally. If it is positive, you should give them words of praise and rewards. If their behavior is negative, you should immediately discipline them.
  • Hold them accountable. You should keep your expectations set in place. Hold your middle schooler accountable for their actions. With every action comes a consequence and this is the age in which learning that becomes most important. Delayed punishment may hinder them from grasping that concept. So address their actions (good or bad) immediately.
  • Communicate your expectations. Sometimes kids are unsure of what behavior is expected of them. This is where communication comes into play. Talk to your daughter about what behaviors are appropriate and what is unacceptable. Use examples or previous situations to help guide your daughter to a clearer understanding.
  • Use discipline effectively. Discipline can be tricky. It should be immediate, short, and swift. When consequences are instantaneous, kids are less likely to repeat the action. For example, if your daughter pushes another child on the playground, recess is suspended for 10 minutes. Time out an hour later at home for the action would be much less effective. Make sure you are equipped to address your child’s actions onsite in an appropriate and reasonable manner. Remember: blowing up in an angry outburst at them will only worsen the situation. Keep your cool and set an example for them.

Impulsive Behavior Treatment For Girls

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