Frowny Face to Smiley Face: Analyzing Emoji Use in Your Struggling Girl

You look over your daughter’s shoulder to see what she’s texting and what do you see? Small pictures of faces, people, food, animals, and more. Emojis have integrated into the regular texting routine of most young people and many older people. They may seem silly and playful, but they’re making it possible to communicate more clearly and thoroughly through text than ever before. With emojis, tone and emotion can be inserted into text. For your struggling girl, it may be one of the only ways she can really convey how she’s feeling.

 How emojis can help a struggling girl communicate

Clarifying her feelings. For a struggling girl, it can be hard to communicate what she’s feeling sometimes. Emojis allow her a way to further clarify and convey what her emotions are about an uncomfortable situation. For example, maybe there’s a presentation she had to do and you texted her “How did it go?” Words may fail her at the moment and she can use a monkey emoji covering its eyes. Emojis offer her a larger pool of ways to express herself.
It may be more comfortable. Sometimes a struggling girl may be uncomfortable with telling someone (like you, the parent) how she feels. Maybe she doesn’t feel comfortable saying the words, “I love you” for some reason. To convey this, she may send you a heart or a face kissing a heart. This way, she can give her love, but in a way that doesn’t make her uncomfortable.
Lightening the mood. If your daughter struggles with tone or social cues, this may be one of the ways she can learn and convey those things. For example, to make sure a friend knows that her text was a joke, she can add a laughing face emoji or a face with its tongue out. There are endless possibilities with emojis.

Asheville Academy can help

Asheville Academy is a residential treatment center for girls, ages 10-14, struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. We will strive to help your family work through this difficult period and move your daughter towards a healthier future.
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