Five Ways to Help Your Middle School Daughter Feel More Confident

Do you have a daughter with low confidence? It is estimated that half of adolescents suffer from self-esteem issues during their early teen years. And this condition wrecks particular havoc on the lives of young girls, with 75 percent of girls with low self-esteem engaging in destructive activities such as cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or eating disorders.

If you have an adolescent daughter with low confidence, then you may be looking for ways to enhance her self-worth; supplying her with the strength and security she needs to take on the challenges of school, work, and the social scene.

Helping Your Daughter Improve Self Confidence

Here are 5 ways to help your middle school daughter improve her confidence:

  1. Discover her strengths. Help your daughter uncover and develop her passions and talents in life. Whether she has a knack for music or art, a writing skill, a sport, or a propensity for STEM, encourage her to take the classes and courses that will advance and develop that skill. This is bound to make her feel stronger and more capable; and just might pave the road to a possible career.
  2. Throw away her fashion magazines. Well maybe not all of them; just encourage her to peruse these publications with a more critical eye. Advise her that the photos and images presented in these magazines have been in many ways altered and airbrushed; and that she should not compare herself negatively to her favorite actresses and fashion models.
  3. Create a positive, nurturing atmosphere for your daughter. If you have a daughter with low confidence, then it won’t help if she has a sarcastic brother who ‘good naturedly’ teases her about her appearance; or, for that matter, a father who makes sexist or derogatory remarks about women in general. Ensure that your girl is growing up in a woman positive, egalitarian household that encourages and supports her.
  4. Stay in touch with her teachers. It is crucial that you develop an open line of communication with your daughter’s teachers at school. In that way, you can be advised of any problems that she might be having that could—in the long run—impede her confidence. These could range from bullying to low grades.
  5. Become the president of your daughter’s fan club. No daughter with low confidence will remain in that state if she has a parent who praises her good grades, lauds her accomplishments, and encourages her to be her best—and that’s pretty darned good!

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