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Equine Therapy for Troubled Girls and AFAB, Ages 10-14

The Equine Therapy Enrichment program at Asheville Academy offers therapeutic and learning opportunities for each of our students through relationship development with our horses that reside right here on campus.

Our Equine Enrichment program provides students the opportunity to explore important skills such as communicating assertively, establishing healthy boundaries, overcoming challenges, solving problems, and making empowered choices.

Horses Reflect Our Student’s Ability to Build Relationships

Equine programming at Asheville Academy is based on the principles of

  • Safety
  • Relationship
  • Learning
  • Fun

Creating a caring partnership with a horse can promote a mutually enriching and rewarding experience.   Learning how to care for horses increases motivation to practice self-care and improves self-efficacy.

The Asheville Academy Equine Therapy Enrichment program creates motivation and requires discipline. It becomes a healthy incentive for students or a natural and logical consequence if the privilege to participate is lost due to poor choices.

Contact us today to learn more about the change our Equine Therapy Enrichment program can have in your child’s life.

 Horse therapy staff experienced to make a difference in your daughter’s life

Horse Therapy at Asheville Academy

Contact us today to learn more about the change Horse Therapy can have in your child’s life, we know our program can help create the change your child needs.


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