Don’t Stress: Managing Stress and Anxiety in Young People

While we don’t usually associate stress and anxiety with young people, there are many children and teenagers that suffer from these debilitating afflictions. In certain cases, they can be more severe than adult anxiety, as hormones and other children can heighten the effects of these problems. We must understand that although they are children, they are experiencing these negative emotions and afflictions just as any adult would, and that we must help them get through these times and learn to manage their anxiety. There are several habits and programs we can follow to help with this.


If a child or young adult is suffering from high stress levels or anxiety, it is important for them to have somebody to talk to. Bottling up the emotions and refusing to talk can lead to a far bigger problem in the long run. It may difficult for certain children to open up to their parents, but we can help by finding a doctor, friend, or other family member with whom they may be more comfortable communicating.


A recent study in New Orleans has suggested that participating in yoga and mindfulness exercises with third graders helped them to reduce their stress levels and improve their emotional health. Exercise is known to help manage stress in adults, so it makes sense that children could receive some of the same benefits. Team sports and games allow them to socialize while taking their minds off of the things that are worrying them. The endorphins released by exercise can trigger positive responses in the brain and body, further reducing the negative effects of anxiety.


Teaching organizational skills at a young age is important to help young people manage their stress. Having a set schedule and plan for every day can help them to tackle the necessary tasks and reduce the mounting pressure that can be caused by feeling like everything is in disarray. If young people create goals and follow steps and guidelines to reach them, they may be more productive and have less time to worry about the things that are bothering them.


On the other side of the exercise coin is relaxation. Everybody needs to unwind at some point in order to take their mind off of negative issues and having set relaxation times can be very beneficial. Whether it’s a nice hot bath, a massage, or a night at the movies, relaxation is known to have positive effects on both the body and mind, lowering stress hormones and increasing happiness.

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