Depression in Middle School Girls: Finding Help

Children spend most of their days at school, therefore school has a profound impact on their lives. This is where they build relationships, learn about life, academics, and how to socially navigate. School is more than just reading and writing. It is the place where children grow and develop a greater sense of who they are. For some, depression in middle school girls can arise from feeling overworked and overstressed. Studies show that school performance can be linked to children’s mental and social well-being.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the studies’ findings:

  • Children’s social life can be impacted by their success in the classroom
  • Children who struggle in elementary school with feelings of worthlessness and frustration are more at risk to develop depression in the later grades
  • If a child feels like their passions and talents are valued, they are more likely to have a positive outlook on their self-worth

Signs of Depression in Your Daughter

Middle school can be a tough time for your daughter. If she is struggling, she may not want to confide that in you. Depression in middle school girls is not a foreign concept. This could be your child. You should pay attention to signs of depression in your middle school daughter. Here are some potential signs that your daughter may be dealing with depression:

  • Loss of interest. Does your daughter seem to be uninterested in the things that once brought her joy? Withdrawal from friends, social events, and family could be clues of an underlying issue. Recognize if your daughter seems to be suddenly joyless.
  • Unexplained physical ailments. With kids especially, depression commonly reveals itself through physical symptoms. Your daughter may complain of headaches or stomach aches. You should have them checked out by a medical professional. But if the doctor can’t find anything wrong, depression could be the cause.
  • Always on edge. Hormones are normal. However, an unusual increase in irritability may indicate depression. Mood swings, explosive outbursts, and intensified anger could be signs of underlying depression in middle school girls.
  • Lifestyle changes. Notice if your child seems to be sleeping more or less. Changes in dietary habit are important to note too. If your child is eating more or less, this could warrant further investigation.
  • Trouble at school. When your child’s teacher calls and says they are having behavioral or concentration problems, don’t brush it off. These could be signs that your child is struggling with depressions.

Asheville Academy can help

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 10-14 who struggle with learning, behavioral, and emotional diagnoses. This program is social, emotional, and academically focused in order to empower girls to move forward and transition smoothly back into their home and school life. Students gain a greater sense of confidence, ability to manage emotions, and the skills to communicate effectively. We can help your family today!
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