Danielle Jacoby, MA, LCMHCA

Far before going off to college and figuring out what kind of career she would have, Danielle was passionate about helping people and seeing the potential in teenagers specifically, who struggled to navigate all the challenges thrown their way. She volunteered in housing projects, worked in afterschool programs for at-risk youth and reached out to families in the community in greater need. These experiences lead Danielle to figuring out she wanted to study psychology to better understand the inner workings of who we are, how certain experiences shape us, and then how we can thrive and grow despite challenges we’ve faced.

Danielle attended undergraduate school at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She earned a bachelors in Psychology, which fueled her already growing passion for helping people navigate life’s challenges. Danielle spent several years working with adolescents in a level III psychiatric residential treatment facility and then the last 7 1/2 years working with adolescents 14-18 yrs old at a trauma informed residential treatment center. Danielle took on several different roles during her time there, but ultimately realized the role she was meant to be in was that of a primary therapist. Danielle then went back to school at Lenoir Rhyne University to earn a degree as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Since accepting the position as a Primary therapist at AAG, Danielle feels as though she is exactly where she was meant to be.