Community Roles on Campus

At Asheville Academy we believe that a person will learn and grow when they:

  • have responsibilities in their community
  • give to their community in a positive way
  • are held accountable to perform their roles in their community

We also believe in the positive effects of a “job well done.” For these reasons, all students will have a community role within the program. These roles may change every month or two to create new learning opportunities. Below are the roles students may be given during their stay at Asheville Academy.

Team Lead

Team Leader is a student that shows good leadership skills, problem-solving skills and is a good role model for the students. This student is usually on a higher phase and is very honest and trustworthy. She will need to know when to be patient and when to be firm with her peers. She can work with a mentor on ways to help her peers. Staff should feel that they can fully trust Team Leader at all times.

Role Details:

  • Runs groups.
  • Leads community roles group.
  • Helps problem solve with peers.
  • Sets group goals.
  • Chooses who will pick the weekly movie.
  • Assures that Job Coordinator is doing her job well.
  • Trains new Team Leader.

Job Coordinator

This job requires a girl that is confident and able to work well with others. Coordinator is responsible for all the jobs on her team and must pay attention that the jobs are being done correctly.

Role Details:

  • Makes sure that all jobs are being done correctly.
  • Trains students to do their jobs properly.
  • Assigns cleaning jobs for daily kitchen clean up and weekly deep clean.
  • Must have staff approve the jobs before assigning them to the students.
  • Trains new Job Coordinator.

Big Sister

This role is very important to help the new student get a good start at Asheville Academy. The Student Mentor will help their mentee learn the expectations and boundaries of the program. The Student Mentor must be a good role model and not engage in any unhealthy behavior with the new student (negative conversations, glorifying, etc.). She must be able to help the new girl by gently guiding her when needed. She should be able to teach in a non-threatening way.

Role Details:

  • Assigned to new students to act as a guide, mentor, coach and all around helpful person during her first few weeks in the program.
  • Responsible to help new student learn the rules and expectations of the program.
  • Help the new student feel welcomed and supported.
  • Will go over all the rules and daily activities of the program with new student.
  • Will sit next to her little sister in groups and at mealtimes while she gets comfortable in her new environment


Downy is organized, responsible, and works well with others.  Downy understands the importance of hygiene and holds her peers responsible.

Role Details:

  • Works with other Downys to create a laundry schedule for all girls. She makes sure that her peers follow this laundry schedule.
  • Makes sure all students are completing their laundry on time.
  • Makes announcements to peers about who is doing laundry and when
  • Gives instruction to peers on how to use laundry equipment appropriately. Examples: How to clean dryer vents, how to use detergent, which temperature water to use.
  • Makes sure that laundry detergent is available. Tells staff when detergent is low.
  • Keeps laundry room clean and tour ready.
  • Trains the new Downy.


Thumper is reliable and responsible. She understands the importance of her role and how it affects the team. She is an important part of setting the mood for the day.

Role Details:

  • Learns the daily schedule.
  • Wakes up ten minutes before teammates.
  • Helps to wake her teammates up in the morning.
  • Makes sure her team is on time for school, groups, and activities.
  • Trains the new Thumper.


This role is very important to the team’s success with their community roles. This student should be able to accept feedback, be fair, teach peers, and pay attention to details. The student is open to direction and works well with staff. The Inspector is respectful and wants to take on responsibilities.  The Inspector is ready to learn how to communicate and be a better leader.

Role Details:

  • Checks team bedrooms in the morning for cleanliness. She will do this with staff. This will happen before the team can move onto their next activity.
  • Makes sure all team members are doing their jobs correctly.
  • Teaches team members how to do their jobs. She tells her peers what she expects before their job is checked off.   
  • Tells the Job Coordinator, Team Leader, and/or staff how her team members are doing with their community roles.
  • Inspector takes responsibility jobs that have been checked off by her.
  • Makes sure that each cleaning job is being done according to the cleaning checklists.
  • She does not wait for others to ask her to do her community role.
  • Makes sure that the team’s space is always clean and organized before moving to the next activity.
  • Trains new Inspector.

Cover Girl

This student is responsible for making sure that her team is following the Asheville Academy dress code expectations. This individual leads by example, is fair when giving feedback, and understands the Asheville Academy dress code. The student helps teach her peers how dress code and hygiene are important to the environment of Asheville Academy. She also understands that the dress code and good hygiene help build confidence and self-esteem. The Cover Girl will develop her communication skills with all teammates, especially Team Leader and Job Coordinator.

Role Details:

  • Observes when students are not following the dress code and is able to tell them in a respectful way. Asks students to change if they are not in dress code.
  • Knows the dress code and hygiene code and teaches her teammates about the dress and hygiene rules.
  • Talks to the Team Leader or Job Coordinator about any issues she is having with peers related to dress code or hygiene.
  • Trains new Cover Girl.


This community role takes a student who can plan, communicate, and organize their time well. The Chef is responsible for delivering meals and snacks to students on time. This individual takes pride in helping others and putting other people before herself. This student understands and has good hygiene. They handle the food in a clean and healthy way and help to teach others how.

Role Details:

  • Helps the Asheville Academy Chef, or other staff, in preparing meals.
  • Helps staff to serve students meals and snacks.
  • Talks to other team Chefs to share job responsibilities.
  • Trains new Chef.

Eco Girl

Eco Girl is responsible for being aware of energy use and recycling at Asheville Academy. This student will develop good communication skills. She is responsible for helping her peers to be environmentally friendly. This student must work closely with staff and Team Leader or Job Coordinator to be successful in this role.

Role Details:

  • Makes sure that all paper and cardboard that can be recycled is put in the appropriate recycling bin.
  • Makes sure that all cardboard boxes are broken down before disposing of them.
  • Empties and takes out recycling when needed.
  • Makes sure that all lights in her team’s bedrooms are off before they leave the building.
  • Makes sure that all outside lights are off during the day.
  • Trains new Eco Girl.


The Operator is someone who can communicate, organize and is able to think ahead. The Operator is someone who is able to work with staff to let each girl know when it is time to make her phone call.

Role Details:

  • Make a phone call schedule for their team’s phone calls each week.
  • Give the list to staff before phone call time.
  • Work with the girls and make changes as needed.
  • Help staff during phone calls and let girls know when they are next in line to make a phone call.
  • Train new Operator.


Professor is someone who has patience and is organized. The Professor is very good at doing schoolwork. She is able to help others with school and not fall behind on her own work. Professor is a job that must be approved by the Academic Director or team teacher. It is possible to have more than one Professor. For example, there could be one girl that is Professor of Math and another girl that is Professor of English.

Role Details:

  • Helps other students with their schoolwork during study hall time.
  • Makes sure that textbooks are organized and put away.
  • Trains New Professor.


The Goalie is someone who can help lead team members to creating, following through, and process daily/ weekly goals.  Goalie will lead a goal setting round at breakfast for each team member to set a goal or intention for day. Using the “SMART” goal method

S= SPECIFIC   (Get as specific as possible: not a broad goal, like “have a good day” but rather, “take space when angry”

M= MEASURABLE (You can measure it: “Have 3 check-ins with staff”

A= ACHIEVABLE (Our girls that tend to please or be perfect will overdo it, let’s help them keep it manageable so that they     have 

R= REALISTIC (To me, I always see this as similar to achievable 

T= TIMELY (Naming when you want to accomplish this goal, most of these goals are set up to be completed by dinner).

Role Details

  • Leads a lunch round to check in with everyone’s goal/ intention.
  • Leads a dinner round for a final check-in on everyone’s goal/ intention and an “inventory” or “reflection” time. This reflection time is to think about our day. Encourage girls to close their eyes and visually re-imagine everything that they did that day.


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