Integrated Approach to Therapy

A Relationship-Based Approach

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all. We meet kids where they are, using a skills-based approach and teachable moments throughout their therapeutic journey. Our program thrives on strong collaboration among clinical, academics, and residential departments, along with family inclusion every step of the way.

Asheville Academy’s dynamic clinical approach reflects the unique and personal needs of the wonderful students we serve. We go beyond talk therapy and integrate therapeutic techniques that fit the needs of individual students.

We give your child the space they need to discover who they are at this difficult time in their life, allow your family time to heal, and provide guidance throughout your child’s healing journey back home.

There is one therapist for every 8 students on campus. We apply research-based clinical methods to help our students overcome emotional and behavioral challenges so that they can lead happier, healthier lives.


Licensed Therapists


Therapist To Student Ratio


Hours Of Weekly Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy at Asheville Academy is designed to include families from the start with the main goal of reconnecting you with your child in a healthy and meaningful way. Students come to a place where they genuinely desire a closer connection with people in their lives and parents often report that they feel closer than ever to their child once therapy is underway.

Family Therapy is designed to address the family system, including all relationships within the immediate family. As a part of your weekly contact with the therapist, you will also receive Family Support, which is designed to provide updates on your child, provide skill-based parenting interventions, and assist in decision-making and planning for visits.


Individual Therapy

Our therapeutic experience in working with students in this age range is a vital part of a student’s healing journey at Asheville Academy. Each student’s journey is personalized to meet their specific needs and reach their individual and family goals. Students are seen weekly for individual therapy. In addition to providing therapy, our therapists are involved with our mentor teams daily, weekly with our treatment team meeting, and weekly with your child’s academic advisor.


Group Therapy

There is tremendous power in the group setting, particularly for students in this age range. In the past, many of our students felt alone in their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. In the group setting, they learn that other peers have had similar experiences and they are able to connect and support one another in a healthy way.

Students participate in groups multiple times per week, including two led by licensed clinicians. We offer specialty groups using experiential approaches including creative arts, mind/body connections, and equine.


Equine Therapy

Despite their size and strength, horses are very sensitive creatures. Because of this, they often act as a “mirror”, revealing the emotional state of those interacting with them.  Since horses are congruent all the time, they challenge students to become their authentic self. Often, students find it easier to recognize the animals’ reaction, which helps them to learn to regulate their own emotions.

We take a relationship based approach to equine assisted therapy where students learn to respect the animal and create healthy boundaries. Equine therapy provides “in the moment” feedback which is critical to developing healthy relationship skills.  Students learn and practice these skills with the animals, then are able to translate the skills to their human relationships.


Psychiatric Services

At Asheville Academy, we have 2 medication providers. Your child is initially seen after approximately 1 month so they can settle in, and so the provider can get an update on how symptoms are presenting at Asheville Academy. Your child is seen once per month following the initial psychiatric assessment. The provider will communicate with you after each session and is available in between sessions for you if you have questions.


Parent Support

At Asheville Academy families will have the opportunity to participate in a parent training four times per month via zoom; these are led by the clinical team and cover a variety of topics. Two of these are open forum and two are topic-based or training.


We Build Resiliency and Confidence

Our therapists provide personalized treatment for each child

At Asheville Academy, our Licensed Masters Level Clinicians individualize your child’s treatment. Our therapists use:

— Psychoeducation to help students and families understand why their struggles occur.

— Trauma-informed practices.

— Experiential modalities so students can target and learn from different parts of their brain, as well as put strategies into immediate practice.

— Concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address damaging thoughts and feelings that result in negative behavior patterns.

— Concepts of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which bring awareness to mind and body connections, and help students learn to regulate their emotions.

— Therapeutic assignments to continue the therapy work outside of sessions.