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Choosing the Best Boarding School for Girls

Choosing the Best Boarding School for Girls

Choosing the best boarding school for girls for your daughter may seem like a long and difficult process. Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 10-14 struggling with emotional or behavioral issues. Our program combines a traditional school setting with a premier clinical program that helps young girls overcome their academic and emotional struggles.

A Clinical Approach specifically for young girls

At our therapeutic boarding school for girls, we take an individualized clinical approach to helping each and every one of our students. We utilize a clinical model emphasizing individual strengths in order to help students break self-defeating patterns and find the success they deserve and are capable of achieving. 

Our clinical program helps young girls:

  • Manage their emotions
  • Improve social skills, to help them build lasting friendships
  • Better follow rules and directions
  • Resist negative peer pressure and impulsive thoughts
  • Build self esteem and self confidence
  • Balance relationships with family and friends

We have worked with young girls for many years and understand what it takes to help them on a path towards success and healing.


For more information about Asheville Academy for Girls, please call (844) 661-9146.

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Building Resiliency and Confidence

Our therapists provide personalized treatment plans for each child

We help girls find success

Our therapeutic program aims to help young girls improve social skills, boost self esteem and heal family relationships. We involve the families of our students in every step of the way. Our experiential, personalized clinical program takes place in a  nurturing, safe environment that promotes healing and growth.

Each young girl going through our program is guided by our caring, experienced staff through an individualized clinical and academic process designed to help each student with their specific needs.

The clinical program at Asheville Academy offers:

  • Individual therapy: Girls receive 90 minute therapy sessions with our trained, and caring therapists.
  • Family therapy: Each week, families have a 90 minute Skype call with their daughter and her therapist.
  • Group therapy: Individual and family therapy is supplemented by a weekly group therapy session, which may include specialty group sessions on a specific topic such as body image, mindfulness, or trauma.
  • Equine therapy: Girls work with horses to improve communication skills.

Asheville Academy is the right fit

Asheville Academy can help bring your daughter back. We are devoted to helping families strengthen their bonds. To help your struggling daughter find the success she deserves, get her started at our boarding school for girls.

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