Choosing the Best Schools for Struggling Teens

Searching through the plethora of schools for struggling teens can be a tedious and drawn-out process, especially if parents don’t know exactly what to look for. As a parent, you want to find the best fit for your child, which depends on many things. Knowing the aspects to look for in a school for struggling adolescents can shorten the process and make things easier on you.

Things to look for in schools for struggling teens

  1. Expertly Designed Programming: Look at the age and gender specific program aspects they’ve included in their school. Putting a teen in a program that uses all the same techniques for children that they do adults most likely won’t give your child the best intervention. The best school for struggling teens will incorporate the best therapies and create the most effective environment for the age and gender they’ve selected for their focus.
  2. Quality Staff: The top schools for struggling teens often make sure to hire caring, qualified staff that are passionate about making a difference in troubled teenage lives. It should be required that each staff member go through training in order to provide the best care to teens.
  3. Family Integration: Not including the family in the healing process is a mistake. Schools for struggling teens should aim to integrate the family into the therapeutic experience to bring about real change not just within your child, but within the whole family.
  4. Comprehensive Therapy: The reason teenagers are sent to schools for struggling teens is usually because traditional therapy wasn’t enough to make a real change. These schools should use many types of therapy to form a comprehensive model that has the ability to treat many different aspects of a troubled teen’s life.
  5. Emphasis on Transferrable Skills: Skills learned in a program aren’t very helpful if you can’t apply them back at home. A top-tier school for struggling teenagers should have a focus on teaching its students real-world coping skills that they can bring back home and continue the therapeutic healing process when they leave the program.

Asheville Academy can help

Asheville Academy is a residential treatment center for girls, ages 10-14, struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. We will strive to help your family work through this difficult period and move your daughter towards a healthier future.

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