Announcing Our New Asheville Academy Campus


Asheville Academy is thrilled to announce we are moving to a beautiful 97-acre campus to be exclusively used by our young girls. Check out our virtual tour below!

Changes are Underway.  What does this mean?

The new campus was originally built as a YMCA camp and then was utilized by therapeutic programs. The benefit of this history is the campus has a “backbone” of activities and facilities that will allow our girls to grow and prosper.

For instance, the campus includes a private lake for watersports and activities.  Previous owners also built 6 large cabins that were lightly used.  Asheville Academy is taking over the wonderful campus and updating facilities and landscaping throughout the fall in preparation for our move January 2017.

What’s included in the new campus?

Our goal is to build upon our existing therapeutic and community strengths with the diverse opportunities our new campus provides including:

  • small, separate classroom buildings per subject to reinforce our individualized learning
  • brand new rec space for activities, sports and drama
  • ample space for our beloved horses, goats, bunnies, and pot bellied pig, Ruby Sue
  • newer family-style cabins that become a “home away from home”
  • large playing fields
  • private lake for water fun
  • outdoor opportunities (basketball court, playground, hiking trails)
  • yoga studio
  • large dining hall and kitchen with opportunity for girls to get involved in meal preparation
  • separate warm and inviting clinical building



How will we handle the transition?

The well-being of our current (and future) students is why we are making this move.  We recognize transitions can bring fear and uncertainty.  However, we view this as a fantastic opportunity to create an even stronger community and believe working together with our students will have therapeutic benefits as they overcome their fears of change while in our safe, nurturing environment.

We are involving our girls in the planning and creating of common spaces and unique aspects of our campus. We recently brought the girls to the campus for a day of fun.  At one point when the girls were getting on one another’s nerves (as can happen in any family!) one of our students said, “Stop and listen. Do you hear that? It’s quiet.  Look around.  It’s beautiful and peaceful here. Let’s enjoy this.” The girls stopped.  Listened.  Relaxed.  Reset. Then, they returned to having fun.

This is exactly why we have made the decision to move to this beautiful 97-acre campus only a short drive from Asheville.

Specific Changes



  • There are 6 cabins that will house up to 8 girls in a family style setting.
  • Cabins have been lightly used by previous campus tenant and are in wonderful condition.

classroomAcademic Buildings

  • Small separate classrooms per subject which will feel cozy
  • Reinforces our personalized and individualized approach to helping our students learn and grow in their academic achievements.
  • Just behind these buildings is a Yoga and exercise cabin

fieldAnimals and Play Space

  • Large field for games and sports
  • Lake for swimming, water activities, canoeing and paddle boarding
  • Space for horses, goats, bunnies, and our pot bellied pig



recRec Space: Courts and Gymnasium

  • Thousands of brand new square footage of indoor space for sports, activities, meetings, and of course our respected drama program



adminAdministrative & Admissions

  • A welcoming environment for our new families and existing ones right at the front of the campus.







  • Warm, inviting, separate therapeutic building that is close to the heart of the campus community to be accessible yet private




lodgeDining Space

  • Roomy and welcoming space to share meals together
  • Opportunity to return our culinary arts and cooking programming back into the Academy


Contact us at 800-264-8709 for more information about our brand new campus and how this could benefit your family or client.