Unhealthy Attachments: Attachment Disorder Symptoms in Children

unhealthy attachments

Social connection is an essential part of human nature.  We form bonds and connections with others through socialization.  Along with these social bonds comes emotional attachment, we naturally become emotionally attached to our close friends and loved ones.  However, in some circumstances, people have trouble forming healthy attachments to others, which can lead to difficulties…

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How Trauma Presents Itself In Adolescent Girls

signs of ptsd from childhood trauma

A 2016 Stanford Medicine article discussed that trauma may affect the brains of adolescent girls differently than it does the brains of boys. This study found structural differences between the boys and girls in the insula, a brain region that detects cues from the body and processes emotions and empathy. The insula helps integrate feelings,…

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Send PTSD Packing: Tips for Parents

trauma in teens

Traumatic stress looks different on everyone. Trauma in teens is a serious issue. A wide range of things can qualify as a traumatic experience for children and teens. It can be a personal experience. But it doesn’t have to be. If your daughter has recently experienced a traumatic event, it is crucial that you respond…

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Recovering from Setbacks: The Ali Krieger Story

Ali Krieger, is a defender on the women’s soccer team, will be representing the United States in Rio this August for the 2016 Olympics. The 2016 Olympic Games represent something more than fulfilling her lifelong dream. For Krieger, it’s a comeback. In 2012, right before the London Olympics, Krieger tore the ACL and MCL ligaments…

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