Creative Electives at Therapeutic Schools

therapeutic schools

Young people often learn more from experiences than in the classroom. They feel more empowered by learning new skills and performing in front of others than by getting a good grade on a test. While core classes teach students how to develop critical thinking skills, creative electives offered at therapeutic schools motivate students to feel…

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Study Skills at Boarding School for Girls with Behavior Problems

girls with behavior problems

Are your daughter’s behavior problems getting in the way of her academic performance? Is she having trouble concentrating or staying on task while completing assignments? Does she have trouble sitting still or talking too much which can be disruptive in a classroom environment? Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for young girls with behavior problems,…

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5 Benefits of Music Therapy for Middle School Girls

music therapy

Music is a really powerful tool for children to express themselves, improve their mood, and connect to others. While playing music is a great way to develop skills and build confidence, listening to music or watching other people play instruments has a similar effect on girls struggling with anxiety and low-self esteem. A recent study…

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After Asheville Academy: Preparing Your Daughter for Her Transition Back Home

Before graduating from Asheville Academy, there’s a process our students begin to go through in order to make the transition run more smoothly. For parents, this approaching shift teeters on a delicate balance between letting your daughter know the transition is approaching, getting essential things done (such as school applications), and not distracting her from…

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Building a Brighter Future: Family Involvement in Therapeutic Process Boosts Chance of Success

Parents often come to us feeling as though their family is irreparably damaged and all hope is lost for a peaceful, trusting family dynamic. Asheville Academy provides an opportunity for families to reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationship.   Family programming is vitally important to the overall success of students. The age group we work…

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