Tips For Helping Connect With Your Anxious Teen Girls

Teen Girls and Anxiety The teenage years are a time of rapid and exponential growth. During this time, teens are figuring out independence and self-agency, time management, platonic and romantic relationships, where their place is in the world, and self-discovering who they are and want to become, all while their hormones are charging developing minds.…

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Unhealthy Attachments: Attachment Disorder Symptoms in Children

unhealthy attachments

Social connection is an essential part of human nature.  We form bonds and connections with others through socialization.  Along with these social bonds comes emotional attachment, we naturally become emotionally attached to our close friends and loved ones.  However, in some circumstances, people have trouble forming healthy attachments to others, which can lead to difficulties…

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Why Peer Relationships Are So Important for Adolescent Girls

building positive relationships with peers

When we talk about positive relationships for adolescent girls, the focus tends to be on teaching them about healthy dating practices. But the reality is, positive peer relationships can be even more important for teen girls than romantic relationships.  During the pre-teen and teen years, girls begin to move from focusing on their family relationships…

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How To Create Positive Friendships for Young Girls

positive effects of friendship

As young girls transition from childhood to adolescence, the ability to create and maintain friendships can become more difficult for your daughter as the social dynamic shifts. As children, friendships may have seemed easier to develop, but this is partly due to adults cultivating and managing the friendships. As children grow older, they are more…

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Video Game Addiction Affects Social Skills in Girls More Than Boys

video game addiction

Many people associate playing video games with being socially isolated and struggling to connect with others offline. Others argue that video games are often played with other people and teach valuable communication skills and cognitive skills, like spatial awareness and problem-solving. A recent study, published in the journal Child Development, investing the effect of playing…

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Outcasts and Social Isolation in Middle School

social isolation in middle school

For most people, middle school is a pretty tough time. You’re not quite a child anymore, but you’re not a young adult—you’re somewhere in the middle. This also happens to be the age range in which puberty begins for most kids, which just adds to the confusion. Many adolescents at this age end up turning…

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