Tips for Promoting Positive Children’s Mental Health

defiant children

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, but physical health is often prioritized over children’s mental health–this is a mistake. Since the two are deeply linked, a child cannot truly be physically healthy without being mentally healthy as well. Many parents aren’t sure how to keep their children’s mental health up, though. As parents,…

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Sibling Fighting: When Does It Go Too Far?

is it normal for siblings to fight

Siblings fighting is common in most families. Kids who get along well in one moment can suddenly be yelling at each other the next. Arguments, jealousy, unwillingness to share, and competition are normal sibling behaviors. Sibling rivalry is motivated by seeking parental attention rather than harm or control. But there are situations where fighting goes…

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Helping Divorced Families

helping divorced families

Divorce can have both positive and negative effects on children. As they adjust to a new family dynamic, it may take some time to develop their individual relationships with each parent. When divorce occurs new behavior and communication patterns develop, which can sometimes lead to the child or teen feeling uncertain about how they should…

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Parenting through Puberty

puberty issues - Asheville Academy

Puberty. We’ve all been there and our children are on their way. The word alone can be terrifying and somewhat dreadful- for both parents and children. Your attitude and approach towards this transitional time in your child’s life can have a huge impact on their own attitude. It can either be a time of crisis…

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Helicopter Parenting: A Concept That Doesn’t Fly

helicopter parenting

Parents naturally want to be involved in their child’s life. A parent wants to take whatever measures necessary to protect them and keep them healthy. Helicopter parenting isn’t the answer though. It’s true that your child needs your guidance and support as they develop and learn how to navigate their way through life. It’s easy…

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Building a Brighter Future: Family Involvement in Therapeutic Process Boosts Chance of Success

Parents often come to us feeling as though their family is irreparably damaged and all hope is lost for a peaceful, trusting family dynamic. Asheville Academy provides an opportunity for families to reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationship.   Family programming is vitally important to the overall success of students. The age group we work…

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