How Does Animal Therapy Help Engage Reluctant Students?

Girls who enter a therapeutic boarding school program may have issues effectively communicating their feelings, or bonding with peers. This discomfort may cause them to feel disengaged from a traditional therapeutic session like one on one or group therapy. Animal therapy can be an incredibly powerful and transformative tool in these cases. Helping Students Break…

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Animal Therapy Helps Teen Girls with Anxiety

teen girls with anxiety

Many of the girls that we work with struggle with social anxiety and developing close relationships with peers and staff, but are uniquely skilled at connecting with animals. Relationships with animals may not involve two-sided heart-to-hearts, but are a great way for girls to learn nonverbal social skills and self-regulation when around others. At Asheville…

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Horses as Healers: Benefits of Hippotherapy in Youth

benefits of hippotherapy

The New York Times recently released an article about a mother who has a three-year-old son with cerebral palsy and the benefits of Hippotherapy. Ms. Foster, the mother states: “Jack has cerebral palsy and low muscle tone. The biggest challenge is holding his head up.” The article discusses the benefits Jack received from a form…

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Therapeutic Horseback Riding Offers Multiple Benefits for Struggling Young Girls

Therapists around the country are using a form of therapy that incorporates therapeutic horseback riding. Equine therapy sometimes uses therapeutic horseback riding to treat common mental disorders, behavioral disorders, and trauma in teens and adults. It uses horse physiology and psychology to help create emotional reflection and bring relief. Therapeutic horseback riding not only helps…

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