Role Modeling Body Positivity for Young Girls

negative body image in girls

As young girls begin to go through puberty, they begin to be more aware of how they view their body and how their body is perceived in society. The relationship young girls develop with their body and their self-esteem depends on the messages they receive from friends, family, and the media. Even if you focus…

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Commenting on A Youth’s Weight Could Lead to Body Image Issues in Teens

body image issues in teens

The New York Times recently released an article discussing new research that shows regularly commenting on youth’s weight can cause body image issues in teens. Parent’s usually have the child’s best interests at heart—but careless comments about a child’s weight are often predictors of unhealthy dieting behaviors, binge eating and other eating disorders, and internalized…

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Starting Healthy Early: Positive Body Image in Teens

positive body image

Ways to Teach Positive Body Image in Teens Body image in teens has become a constant struggle for many young individuals. A recent study found that two in three 13-year-olds worry about gaining weight. Teenagers are regularly being exposed to media that promotes unhealthy and unrealistic body images. Girls are expected to be thin, voluptuous,…

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