Unhealthy Attachments: Attachment Disorder Symptoms in Children

unhealthy attachments

Social connection is an essential part of human nature.  We form bonds and connections with others through socialization.  Along with these social bonds comes emotional attachment, we naturally become emotionally attached to our close friends and loved ones.  However, in some circumstances, people have trouble forming healthy attachments to others, which can lead to difficulties…

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Attachment Issues More Common After Parent Divorce

attachment issues and divorce

One of the most common causes of attachment issues in children is parents getting divorced. Whether the divorce followed periods of frequent arguments or falling out of love and needing space from each other, young children often internalize messages like “relationships don’t last” or “their parents left them, not their partner, by choice.” These beliefs…

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Tips for Recognizing Attachment Disorders in Children

attachment disorders in children

Attachment disorders in children are most prevalent among those who are adopted or have experienced trauma or neglect; which means its development is possible for many, many children. It can be hard to tell if an attachment disorder is what your child is suffering from, though, if one doesn’t know the symptoms and risks associated…

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Rebuilding Bonds: 5 Benefits of Attachment Therapy

attachment therapy

Attachment therapy has a bad reputation. When it was first conceived and implemented, attachment therapy was very different from what it is today. On one hand there is a specific branch of psychology devoted to attachment (often referred to as attachment-based therapy as to avoid confusion); on the other, there is a range of techniques…

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