Recognizing Teens and Anxiety Issues Early

Recognizing Anxiety Wouldn’t it be great to be a kid again? No 9-to-5 job, no taxes to file, no bills, no one else to worry about. To top all that off, you get to sleep in on the weekends and have meals prepared for you every night. We all know how stressful adult life can…

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Tips For Helping Connect With Your Anxious Teen Girls

Teen Girls and Anxiety The teenage years are a time of rapid and exponential growth. During this time, teens are figuring out independence and self-agency, time management, platonic and romantic relationships, where their place is in the world, and self-discovering who they are and want to become, all while their hormones are charging developing minds.…

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How Anxiety Shows Up in Adolescent Girls and How To Help

anxiety in young girls

Anxiety in adolescent girls may present in a number of ways. Young girls often cannot identify their feelings. Anxiety might be felt as jitteriness, a sick stomach, excessive worry, headaches, sleeplessness, nightmares, or general feelings of not being well. While older girls may experience anxiety internally and express their concerns verbally, younger girls tend to…

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Animal Therapy Helps Teen Girls with Anxiety

teen girls with anxiety

Many of the girls that we work with struggle with social anxiety and developing close relationships with peers and staff, but are uniquely skilled at connecting with animals. Relationships with animals may not involve two-sided heart-to-hearts, but are a great way for girls to learn nonverbal social skills and self-regulation when around others. At Asheville…

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Parents’ Anxiety Influences Anxiety In Children

anxiety in children

Family history is known to be a contributing factor to anxiety disorders. If someone in your family struggles with anxiety, your child is more at risk for developing an anxiety disorder. While adults learn to manage their anxiety, childhood anxiety tends to be intensified. As they learn more about the world, their generally anxious temperament…

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Differentiating between Fear and Anxiety in Teens

anxiety and fear in teens

Our society often uses fear and anxiety interchangeably, although this is not always appropriate. Anxiety and fear may be interrelated, but these feelings arise for different reasons. While fear can be an adaptive response to stress, anxiety can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Differentiating between fear and anxiety helps teens determine…

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