When Cat Jennings first came to Asheville Academy, one student was struggling with forming a close bond with her mother. After being adopted, this student had trouble fitting in with her family. She felt disconnected from her mother and didn’t quite understand why everyone was so happy when it came close to her graduation date from Asheville Academy. However, Cat remembers a turning point when things started looking up for this girl.

“Visits with her parents began to go extremely well and I credit that to the willingness of her parents to put the time and effort into really understanding what their daughter was going through. Seeing that family reunite was incredibly powerful to me. That’s a moment I’ll always remember,” commented Cat Jennings, Executive Director and Owner of Asheville Academy.

The other student Jennings notes as being incredibly successful has not yet graduated. Throughout her childhood, this student and her sister were placed in different residential treatment centCat Jenningsers and wilderness therapy programs, but nothing seemed to help them. At Asheville Academy, the program has helped this student immensely. She has made a lot of changes relatively quickly and her family has been incredibly supportive.

“Throughout this girl’s childhood, so many traumatic events happened and now she’s really responding to the program. Her family has shown a promising level of awareness of what they need to do to help her through this process,” says Cat Jennings.

At Asheville Academy, your daughter can get the help she needs. For more information, please call 800.264.8709.

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