Cat Jennings, executive director of Asheville Academy, discusses favorite part of program

Cat Jennings, executive director and owner of Asheville Academy, loves working with famcat jenningsilies to prepare them for future success. Throughout thirty years of experience in working with teens in a therapeutic setting, Cat Jennings’ main passion has been to increase the depth and level of therapeutic work that her programs can engage parents  in while while their children are attending a program.

“The key to a student’s success is for their parents to really understand what their daughters are  going through and how to work with them to overcome their struggles. That way, parents can communicate and bond with their children to allow for lasting success. I see this happening at Asheville Academy starting from the very beginning of the program. It’s really incredible and inspiring,” says Jennings.

At Asheville Academy, according to Cat Jennings, 90 percent of students go on to successfully reintegrate into family life and attend traditional middle schools and high schools.

“I’ve never had a higher rate of students going home and reintegrating with their families, attending traditional schools throughout my thirty years in the industry. I’ve always experienced students moving on to other boarding schools and having a more controlled re-entry into the family dynamic,” says Cat Jennings.

For Cat Jennings, working directly with parents and students to improve their relationships is extremely rewarding. Throughout her career, Jennings has worked to increase the level of depth programs take in helping students and parents overcome their struggles. According to her, Asheville Academy is achieving that level of depth closer than any program she has worked for previously.

For more information about Asheville Academy, please call  800.264.8709.

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