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Cat Jennings, Executive Director | Founder

Cat brings more than thirty years of experience making an impact in the lives of children.  Cat has developed multiple programs helping children, teens, and young adults in a variety of settings and with a diverse range of diagnoses. She has dedicated her career to behavioral health and is honored to be part of the passionate team at Asheville Academy.  She recognizes how delicate this age is and is proud of the role she and her team play in helping students grow and prosper.

Cat studied psychology at UNCA and the Union Institute. With her free time, Cat enjoys spending time with her wonderful family and close friends, sharing stories and making new ones.  She loves being active and getting outdoors whenever she can.

“Leading a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated and passionate about work with young students is the highlight of my career. I have been blessed to work with so many who believe, if we do this now we can head off bigger, more dangerous problems for the youth and families we serve.

Childhood is precious and short, working with families early and reconnecting them in healthy ways to their families is our mission and pleasure.”

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