Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

Asheville Academy

Asheville Academy’s complete program brings change to your troubled child and the family as a whole. This is what makes our boarding school unique and makes us more effective for creating lasting change.

What makes our program different than other Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth?

boarding schools for troubled youth

Asheville Academy is special in that we focus only on girls ages 10-14. We provide a family atmosphere and specific focus to ensure success. Our small program and private therapeutic campus allows us to give the safest and most effective experience possible.

How to recognize an Asheville Academy student:

  • They often struggle with emotional regulation. These behaviors often show themselves within the family and then creeps into their social life and school.
  • They can “hold the family hostage.” She recognizes moments when the family needs to move forward or make a decision, and she uses her behavior to sabotage any resolution.
  • They avoid interacting. School has become so socially challenging or emotionally complex she may be looking for ways to avoid attending. They may not reach out to friends or participate in clubs, instead retreating into electronics or books.
  • They may have learning challenges. School has never been easy for them and as the environment has become more complex (elementary to middle school), the difficulty has been magnified.
  • They don’t always make friends easily. Often they may have one or two close friends they have had for an extended period of time, but even in those relationships they can be demanding or controlling. More than likely, when they have a choice, they prefer to play with younger kids.

boarding schools for troubled youth

If you recognize your child in any of the above statements and have not seen your child consistently improve in any of these areas, Asheville Academy might be an appropriate placement for your troubled child.

Make the right choice for your troubled child.

Contact Asheville Academy’s Admissions Team at 800-264-8709 or fill out the form to the right.

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