If you are the parent of a troubled youth from Raleigh, boarding school may be one of the best options available for your child. We are Asheville Academy, a private therapeutic boarding school specializing in girls and AFAB ages 10-14. For years, our transformational program has helped young people move beyond their struggles and transition into hope, happiness, and a new self-confidence.


We’ve worked with hundreds of families with troubled youth from Raleigh, so we appreciate that you as parents face a very difficult decision. It’s not easy entrusting the care of your child to someone else. Our program uses the residential boarding school model to create a home-like atmosphere for your child. We also make sure to keep the whole family involved in the healing process. Our therapists work with students to strengthen family bonds and show girls and AFAB the value of authentic, respectful communication. After trusting their child to us, many parents have said we helped them “get their child back.”


Troubled youth from Raleigh find our boarding school unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. A top-of-the-line education with one-on-one encouragement and planning, professional guidance from certified therapists, horse-back riding, extracurriculars… This place will blow your child’s mind! They’ll also meet many other young people who like themselves are working out their own problems. That creates a special kind of team which transcends the typical schoolyard environment. The social dynamic here encourages respect, emotional maturity, and accountability. 


If our boarding school for troubled youth sounds right for your Raleigh child, please get in touch with us right away! Our admissions team is ready to help you determine if we’re a good fit for your family’s specific needs. Call (800) 264-8709 or fill out the form to your right, and we’ll be in touch soon.





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