teen stress

Can you imagine being a teen today? Probably not. Beginning in elementary school, young people are expected to follow a specific track- one that leads to higher education, success, and a good job. Because of this, teen stress can seem almost unbearable. Guiding your teen through this stress is important because teen stress can turn into something much worse, such as depression and anxiety.

A widespread issue

A 2014 national survey found that more than a quarter of teens say they experience “extreme stress” during the school year and 34 percent of teens expected stress to increase within the next year.

Nowadays, teens are pressured by nearly every aspect of their lives, causing teen stress to be at an all time high. At school, young people feel pressured to look a certain way, perform exceptionally well, and juggle academics with extracurriculars. More and more people are going to university, causing the whole process to become extremely competitive.

Even in middle school, a young teen may begin to experience stress about which college they can get into. They may also experience teen stress about their changing bodies, and pressure from peers to begin dating and become more “grown up”.

Coping with teen stress

Helping your young girl cope with everyday stress may seem like a difficult task. Here are some things you can do to help them on a day to day basis:

  • Get them to exercise and eat regularly. Becoming involved in sports or some other form of physical activity that gets teens moving allows teens to unwind from their daily stress.
  • Teach your teen to break up a large task, such as a project or studying for a test, into smaller, easier tasks over an extended period of time.
  • Allow them to take breaks. By taking some time to relax, teens can reduce stress.
  • Help them learn relaxation exercises such as abdominal breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

The best thing you can do to support your teen experiencing stress is to give them your full support. Knowing that you’ll always be there for them is extremely important for their confidence and self esteem.

Asheville Academy for Girls can help

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