Every parent wants their child to be healthy, but physical health is often prioritized over children’s mental health–this is a mistake. Since the two are deeply linked, a child cannot truly be physically healthy without being mentally healthy as well. Many parents aren’t sure how to keep their children’s mental health up, though. Psych Central recently provided tips on how to keep your child not just physically fit, but mentally fit, too.

Tips for good children’s mental health

Unconditional Love
Of course nearly every parent provides this, but whether your child knows you do is the kicker. Letting your child know that your love doesn’t depend on how well they do on exams or their accomplishments is important for creating an environment that inspires children’s mental health and wellness.

Foster Confidence and Self-Esteem
Confidence and self-esteem are two strong components to building children’s mental health. As a parent, you can strengthen these two qualities by encouraging them to explore new things, letting them know mistakes happen and that’s okay, and creating a safe environment for them to do all these things.

Support and Discipline
While supporting your child’s choices and interests is incredibly important for children’s mental health–you should also act as a guide and discipline them when needed. When a child goes too far, they need a parent to tell them why it was too far and what consequences come with that action.

Ask Them What They Like
Surprisingly, many parents don’t do this. A lot of parents instill what they like on their children, which often isn’t what the children are interested in. Ask your child what they’re interested in. If it’s art, offer to help them get involved in an afterschool art class; if it’s soccer, offer to help them join a local team; whatever it is, offering your support and being interested helps them develop a stronger sense of self and know you care.

Be a role model
Having a strong role model is desperately important for children’s mental health. As the parent, your children look to you to show them how to handle stressful situations, how to turn anger into something constructive, and how to deal with everything life throws at you.

Seek Help When It’s Needed
There’s a large stigma against mental health issues–but you can’t let that get in the way of your children’s mental health. If you believe any of your children may be suffering from mental health issues, it’s imperative to seek out a professional for further guidance on how to best help your child.

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