It’s no secret that today’s society is obsessed with images. On every corner, if it’s not a terrorist attack, it’s an impossibly skinny model that sets equally impossible “beauty” standards. Unfortunately, when viewed by a young, impressionable mind, these false images can cause very real damage. Some 70% of high school girls, for example, believe they don’t measure up in their looks, school performance, or relationships and 38% of middle and high school boys have reported using protein supplements. Self-confidence in teens today is as low as it has ever been, but there are ways to make this time easier on your child.

Constructive over Critical

There is a big difference between coddling a child and being constructive. While it is necessary for your teen to develop their own personality, guiding them away from pitfalls is a large part in supporting their development. Home relationships are a big factor in building self-confidence in teens, so it is important to help them through this difficult time.

Every teenager is different, of course, but there are general tips to boosting self-confidence in teens. First, remember to praise their successes. This doesn’t mean that every little thing should be applauded, but getting a good grade, for example, warrants a reward. If, on the other hand, your child doesn’t do something right, constructive feedback is much more helpful than chastisement. Focus on ways to fix the problem and offer help in order to encourage your child to do better next time.

Another important factor in building self-confidence in teens is to treat them like the young adults they are. As a parent, you have the final say, but your teen’s opinion is important. By keeping communication with your child open, you are supporting their individuality – a significant step in building self-confidence. By helping your children explore who they are and what they are good at, you will empower them to feel better about themselves.

Perfect in Their Own Way

Self-confidence in teens is, in large part, dependent on your teen discovering what makes them unique. By finding that niche, your child will be well-prepared to confront the challenges of maintaining a healthy self-confidence.

Asheville Academy for Girls can help

Asheville Academy for Girls, a therapeutic boarding school for young girls ages 10-14, can help your daughter find the self confidence she needs to feel happy and comfortable in her own skin.
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