daughter with ADHD

ADHD symptoms can make focusing in school extremely difficult for your daughter. As a parent, you want your daughter to have academic success and perform to her fullest potential. While medication does play an important role in reducing ADHD symptoms, research reveals many non-medication methods that are beneficial to combating ADHD symptoms. Here is the key method that is proven to help contribute to success in the learning environment:

One-on-one support

Self-regulation is a concept that children with ADHD often struggle with. However, that does not mean that is impossible for them to get a grasp on things. Self-regulation is something that can be taught and learned. In this process, your daughter should be encouraged to identify her feelings, triggers, and how to cope with these things effectively. The best approach to this is by doing so in a one-on-one setting, away from distractions of peers. It is important that we recognize that there is no “one size fits all” approach. ADHD affects individuals differently. To best support your daughter, you should note what her triggers are, her strengths, and her weaknesses. Communicating these things with her teachers is very important as well. Other easy ways you can help set your daughter up for academic success includes the following:

  • Set up a normal homework routine
  • Suggest your child sit in front of classroom to allow teachers to help keep them focused
  • Help them keep a calendar to work on time management
  • Keep in contact with their teachers so everyone is on the same page

Daily Report Cards

Implementing daily report cards for your child is a great way to teach them responsibility and accountability. Sitting down with them and creating goals or target points to reach that day will help them to zero in and focus on accomplishing tasks on hand. Of course, there should be some type of reward at the end of reaching targets. The great thing about the report card system is that you can tailor it to meet your child’s needs and focus on areas that they need to improve on.

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