Receiving letters from graduating students is always a memorable and rewarding experience for us. They serve as a testament to our positive influence on their lives and the value of their time at Asheville Academy.

Letters from students and families are an invaluable source of feedback and insights that help us understand the strengths of our program. This feedback enables us to continually improve and enhance the healing and learning experience for future students.

This ongoing feedback loop ensures that we constantly evolve and provide an exceptional educational environment that fosters growth, healing, and success for all those who come through our doors.

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Cat brings more than thirty years of experience making an impact in the lives of adolescents. Cat has developed multiple programs helping children, teens, and young adults in a variety of settings and with a diverse range of diagnoses. She has dedicated her career to behavioral health and is honored to be part of the passionate team at Asheville Academy. She recognizes how delicate this age is and is proud of the role she and her team play in helping girls grow and prosper.