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how to deal with technology addiction

How To Deal with Technology Addiction Mindfully

Our society has become so dependent on the use of technology in our everyday lives that technology addiction has become a clinical term. Technology addiction differs from other process addictions in that it is socially acceptable, which makes it harder to know how to deal...

impulsivity in teens

Healthy Coping Skills: Managing Impulsivity in Teens

Increased impulsivity in teens is associated with a higher risk of substance abuse, unprotected sex, and legal problems, however it doesn’t start that way. Impulsivity refers to a tendency to act without thinking and can involve behaviors that are risky, inappropriate, or poorly thought out....


Putting Stress and Anxiety on the Move

We all remember how much pressure comes with being a teenager. The teen years presents itself as a period of developing self-identity and a greater sense of independence. It can be extremely difficult to juggle this with maintaining a social life and meeting academic standards....


Send PTSD Packing: Tips for Parents

Traumatic stress looks different on everyone. A wide range of things can qualify as a traumatic experience for children and teens. It can be a personal experience. But it doesn’t have to be. If your daughter has recently experienced a traumatic event, it is crucial that...


Helicopter Parenting: A Concept That Doesn’t Fly

Parents naturally want to be involved in their child’s life. A parent wants to take whatever measures necessary to protect them and keep them healthy. It’s true that your child needs your guidance and support as they develop and learn how to navigate their way through...