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bullying in middle school

Normal Social Struggles vs Bullying in Middle School

Middle schoolers who have a history of trauma or being bullied are more likely to perceive negative peer interactions as continued bullying. It is important for middle school girls to understand that someone can be insensitive, thoughtless, immature, mean and even aggressive without it being...

middle school mean girls

Middle School Mean Girls and Social Struggles

Girls are known for being nurturing, social creatures, so why do middle school girls, in particular, have such a notorious reputation for drama, betrayal, and backstabbing? Friend groups change so much during middle school, as teens mature at different rates and start exploring their interests,...

internet bullying behavior

How to Put a Stop to Internet Bullying Behavior

No parent wants to believe their child is capable of internet bullying--but this type of denial often leaves the child to self-destruct and continue this problematic behavior into adulthood. Internet bullying behavior isn't incurable, it's something that can be helped with the right methods. The...


Follows Her to College: Why We Need Treatment for Bullying

Treatment for bullying victims may need a lot more attention than it’s currently getting. According to a new study, bullying can leave a pretty deep scar even into college—especially on young girls. ScienceDaily recently reported on the details of the new study. Serious psychological trauma The new...