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Brooke Pastene

She attended Edinboro University and majored in Psychology.  While going to school, Brooke started her internship at a RTC  for female juvenile delinquents and continued working there for three years before moving to New York.  Once in New York, Brooke furthered her career by supervising three foster homes for children with Autism & Asperger’s.  This lead her to accepting a position as the Program Coordinator for two Group Homes for adults with MR/DD/MH diagnosis, where she worked for three years before moving to North Carolina. Brooke continued working with adults and children with MR/DD/MH as the Lead Qualified Professional monitoring CAP services.  Due to having to move for her husband’s work, Brooke then transitioned to working for three years as the Clinical Supervisor for two ICF-MR Group Homes for adults.  Due to a job opportunity for her husband and a love for the area, Brooke and her husband moved to the Asheville area in 2014 where she began working at Asheville Academy as a Team Manger and Residential Co- Director.

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