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Invigorating School Setting

Tailored To Each Student's Academic Needs

Dedicated to Academic Success

Here at Asheville Academy, we take your child’s education as seriously as you do. We have integrated a supportive yet rigorous academic environment into our model of therapy. When your child enrolls at Asheville Academy, they’ll enter a school designed to build confidence and instill effective study habits, in a safe and supportive environment which allows for academic success.


Thanks to our small class sizes and highly qualified teaching staff, we are able to ensure your child receives instruction that is tailored to their unique learning needs as well as the individual attention they require to thrive academically. Furthermore, we help to remove many of the stresses of traditional school environments by removing distractions and encouraging the sense of community our students share.

Leaders in Academic Achievement

Instilling Habits for Success in School

We teach students the skills they’ll need to succeed in any academic environment, such as:

  • How to stay organized
  • Take notes
  • Write an essay
  • Utilize MLA formatting
  • Take a test
  • Conduct research
  • Effectively transition from subject to subject
  • And much more
A Passion for Education

Highly-Qualified, Caring Teachers

Caring and qualified teachers are at the heart of our school’s success. Our specialized teachers who have a passion for education, lead small classes of eight students on average and are personally invested in the success of each student under their care.

Current Research on Student Success

A Mindful Environment for Improved Outcomes

Research about the neuroplasticity of the brain shows that mindfulness can help improve attention span, cognitive abilities, emotional control, and executive functioning. Additionally, mindfulness helps with anxiety and depression, which affect academic success. Asheville Academy utilizes mindfulness to help students improve presence, awareness, regulation, and compassion.

Our students go on to achieve academic success in a variety of different environments:

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boarding schools0
public day schools0

Sample Curriculum

The middle school/junior high curriculum is consistent with national academic standards and common core. We focus on keeping students on grade level and supporting any needs for remediation or honors work. Our classes are taught by qualified instructors, not based on packet work, which we believe is important for continuing education at this age level. Our current curriculum reflects the needs of the student population in the classroom setting, here are some examples of courses we offer:


  • 5th-8th grade Language Arts
  • 9th grade English
  • 10th grade English

Social Studies

  • Middle School American History
  • Middle School World History
  • High School American History
  • High School World History


  • 5th-7th grade Integrated Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry


  • 5th-8th grade Integrated Science
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Physical Education

In addition, we also offer a wide variety of elective classes and clubs that can further your child’s education:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Equine Enrichment
  • Swimming (seasonal)

  • Theatre
  • Community Service Projects
  • Gardening (service oriented)

  • Yoga
  • Music (private tutoring available upon request)
  • Health
  • STEAM Club (Science, Technology, English, Arts & Math)

Our school is fully licensed by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education as a traditional private school, ensuring our program meets national standards and credits earned will transfer nationally.

Our school is accredited by AdvancEd, an accrediting body that ensures that we meet the highest academic standards. Learn more about accreditation at Asheville Academy for Girls here.