The Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

IMG_1903_1Having a daughter who struggles with emotional and behavioral issues like disruptive behavior or substance experimentation can take its toll on the whole family. Finding the best therapeutic option for your daughter is crucial to her future success.

A therapeutic boarding school for girls can help your struggling daughter address any underlying causes for emotional or behavioral issues. Here are some benefits of choosing a therapeutic boarding school for girls:

  • Individualized plan. A therapeutic boarding school tailors both the lesson and the treatment plan to match your daughter’s needs. Since every girl is different, it is only natural for the experience to be personalized as well.
  • Warm, professional staff. A team with years of experience guarantees that your daughter will be treated with the respect and care she deserves.
  • Family-based approach. The family is a crucial part of a child’s life. At a therapeutic boarding school, the family is kept in the loop with frequent progress updates and communicate on sessions.
  • Small classes. It is only too common for schools to have teachers doing thirty different things at once. At a therapeutic boarding school, small classes allow a teacher to focus more on the students.
  • Experience of a lifetime. The residential approach is more than a temporary solution to your daughter’s struggles. In truth, it is an adventure that will forever remain with your daughter.

Asheville Academy Can Help!

Asheville Academy, a residential treatment center in a traditional school setting for girls 10-14, helps teen girls struggling with anxiety, depression and other emotional and behavioral issues. If your daughter is having trouble reaching her fullest potential, consider sending her to Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school. With a caring staff and a clinically based program, Asheville Academy can help your daughter feel comfortable with school.

For more information about Asheville Academy, contact us today at 800.264.8709