Behavioral boarding schools are middle schools and high schools with an approach that includes therapeutic solutions to emotional and behavioral problems. Although they share certain elements, their individual philosophies may vary tremendously, and their goals may vary from building character to encouraging mental wellness to correcting problem behavior with discipline.

Because these programs are unique and far apart, some parents find that the perfect fit for their child is far away. Thankfully, the boarding school model usually means that full-time student residency is possible, and that students are constantly supervised and mentored by caring authority figures. A change in environment can actually be the perfect thing for some students, providing them with a new set of friends and authority figures from outside the family that can help a child mature into a new well-being. Ideally, these schools should provide their students with lifelong tools that can stay with them after their time there is done.

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school, providing a home-like setting and the encouragement your child could need to overcome their current behavioral challenges. At our beautiful private setting in the mountains of western North Carolina, we fill every day with learning, activities, and counseling to encourage young people to improve their situation by improving their state of mind. 

We specialize in working with your whole family to make lasting changes in your child’s life. During their time with us, we will also be in regular contact with you, providing updates and insights on their progress through our program. By the time they leave here, they will feel like a new person, and you will feel empowered to help them continue the journey of positive transformation.

We help students with a wide array of behavioral challenges using an interdisciplinary boarding school approach. Our experienced staff tailors each student’s experience to their individual needs. Emotional healing is hard work, but building a good foundation for a life of success is worth the effort. Learn more today by calling us at (800) 264-8709 or filling out the form to the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

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