Back to School Help: How to Make a Smooth Transition from Summer

Summer pretty much coincides with fun because there’s usually no school involved–and the end of summer (AKA, the start of school) often coincides with the end of fun in children’s minds. This can make the transition difficult. You’re not only telling your child that the days of running through the sprinklers in the back yard and going to the beach are done for the year, you’re also having to adjust them to a completely new schedule. Thinking about this, you’re probably hoping for some serious back to school help.

Which is why we’ve prepared a list of tips to make your family’s transition from summer to school a little bit smoother. Especially if you have a child that struggles with behavioral issues, this period of change can be more critical than ever.

Back to school help and how to make summer to school easy

Listen to her worries.
Going back to school can bring up a host of emotions. Fear of not making friends, what her classes will be like, how her life will change–you need to encourage her to talk about these worries if she has them.
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Children and adolescents need to have their fears validated. Acting as if they’re trivial or ridiculous not only lowers your daughter’s self-confidence, but it makes her less likely to disclose to you when she’s going through hard times.

When she tells you about these worries, don’t go into “fix it” mode. Brainstorm with her. Ask her what would make her more comfortable about going to school. Would she like you to drive her or would she prefer to take the bus? This builds resilience and critical thinking skills in your daughter.

Change your schedule ahead of time.
One of the most stressful and hardest things about transitioning from summer to school is the schedule change. When it comes to back to school help, scheduling is key. Going from flexible to fixed is never easy, but you can make it go more smoothly by starting early.
If your daughter’s summer bedtime has been 9:30, knock it back by 15 minutes each night a couple of weeks before school starts until you reach your regular “school night” bedtime. That way, she’ll begin to wake up sooner and can adjust to new hours more easily.

Encourage positive thinking.
It’s easy for adolescents to make school something negative. If she voices her complaints about returning to a classroom instead of being outside or at a pool, remind her of the things she enjoys about school: friends, her favorite subject, etc.

Ask her if she’s excited to reconnect with her friends she hasn’t seen over the summer. This gets her thinking about positive sides she may have glossed over before.

If you’re in need of back to school help and your daughter really seems to be struggling with the transition, it’s critical to reach out to a professional for further guidance.

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