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Therapeutic Boarding School For Girls From Washington

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At Asheville Academy for Girls, one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools for Washington girls, we help young girls reach their fullest potential. We do this through programming specifically designed to help girls ages 10-14 achieve positive changes and reshape troubling behaviors and emotional patterns. {Term} {City}

In Washington, 16.80% of young people struggle with mental health challenges. Asheville Academy helps young girls work through specific challenges and achieve success.

Our programming helps Washington families feel as though there is hope for their daughter again. The therapeutic and academic programming at Asheville Academy provides the guidance and tools your daughter needs to feel confident and empowered to create positive changes in her life.

For the average 10-14 year old girl, the type of challenges they face are dramatically different than ones faced by other adolescent age groups. They are dealing with the start of puberty and everything that comes with being in middle school: bullying, a new social hierarchy, and low self esteem. Our specific focus on young girls in this age group helps create a caring and developmentally appropriate environment for tween girls.

Asheville Academy for Girls understands how important it is to involve the entire family throughout the therapeutic process. Because of this, we have designed programming which helps rebuild and reinforce family relationships. Every week, we conduct family therapy sessions which ties the work we are doing with your daughter at the program back into the home environment she will return to after graduation.

Asheville Academy for Girls is located near Asheville, North Carolina in the exciting landscape of Western North Carolina€™s Blue Ridge Mountains. The healing, nurturing environment of our historical campus is an ideal place for young people to look inwards and overcome challenges.

We help families from all over the country, including Washington. For many families, sending your child away to get the help she needs can be a difficult process. However, a removal from her everyday environment can help her refocus and have the space to break patterns which may have caused some of the behavioral or emotional strife in the first place.

Unique from other therapeutic boarding schools for Washington girls who help children of a similar age, we handpick our therapeutic, academic, and residential staff from some of the brightest and most passionate people working in the field today. Every member of our staff has trained extensively in a variety of therapeutic fields. We believe, in order for students to achieve success, they must be guided by role models who help shape their behaviors for the better.


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Why Choose Asheville Academy for Girls over other Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Washington Girls?

When choosing therapeutic boarding schools for your daughter from Washington, it may be difficult to decide which will be the best fit for your daughter€™s needs. At Asheville Academy for Girls, a nationally renowned therapeutic boarding school helping young girls ages 10-14, we understand how challenging this dilemma may be. Therapeutic Boarding School Washington

We are happy to talk to you about the ways in which Asheville Academy may be the best fit for your daughter, as well as some of the benefits Asheville Academy provides young girls and their families. You can call toll-free at 800.264.8709 or fill out a form here>>>

The following are some reasons families might choose Asheville Academy for Girls over other therapeutic boarding schools for Washington girls:

  • Our beautiful campus and its surroundings: Asheville Academy for Girls is located just outside of Asheville in Black Mountain, NC. With the backdrop of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville Academy for Girls provides Washington students with an opportunity to participate in many off-campus adventures in the outdoors. The campus is situated on 97 acres of land. On campus, we have separate facilities for our academic programming, therapeutic programming, residential programming, and recreational programming.
  • Various, personalized clinical offerings: Depending on each student€™s emotional and/or behavioral challenges, we have created programming specifically built to work through each girl€™s needs. Our therapeutic programming includes individual, group, family, and animal therapy.
  • Age and gender specific programming: Every aspect of our programming is created for the purpose of helping young girls ages 10-14. We address the struggles that this age group faces and have staff members who specialize in working with this age group specifically.
  • Family-Focused Programming: Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools for Washington girls, we believe establishing open communication with family members throughout a child€™s time at our program is extremely beneficial to each student€™s success. Working with family members throughout the therapeutic process helps ensure lasting change after graduation.



Diverse Therapeutic Programming at one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools helping girls from Washington

At Asheville Academy for Girls, we offer a wide array of therapeutic options for each of our students. Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools for Washington girls, our therapeutic plans are designed on an individual basis, so each student only receives the therapeutic techniques which are the most beneficial for them. Therapeutic offerings at Asheville Academy for Girls include:

  • Individual and Family Therapy: Each week, students receive a minimum of three hours of therapeutic help. 90 minutes of that will be an individual therapy session with their therapist and the other 90 will be a Skype call with their family. The family therapy sessions are guided by the student€™s therapist in order to open the lines of communication and ensure progress is being made. Washington Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Equine Therapy: Unique from therapeutic boarding schools helping a similar age group, Asheville Academy offers equine therapy along with other forms of animal therapy. Equine therapy has been proven to help young girls regulate their emotions and improve relationship skills.
  • Group Therapy: Each week, we provide students with a variety of group therapy sessions. These group therapy sessions include discussions of specific topics such as body image, self esteem, mindfulness, art therapy, and trauma. Every student works together to share their own experiences and help each other through the therapeutic process.

Helping Girls From Washington Achieve Academic Success

Our academic programming helps meet students where they are at. Some young girls from Washington come to us with a history of academic failure, and others have done quite well in school. We design a personalized curriculum for each student based on their academic prowess. Here are some other ways our academic program is unique from other therapeutic boarding schools:

  • Assessing students at enrollment for academic status: As soon as a student enrolls at Asheville Academy, we perform an assessment which helps us design their personalized academic plan. We continue to assess their academic performance throughout their time at our program to find areas of progress and growth.
  • Small class sizes: Our small class sizes (8 students per teacher) allow for individual attention on a daily basis. We make sure each student is getting the help they need to succeed in school and continue that progress long after graduation.
  • Diverse curriculum: Our class offerings include language arts, social studies, science, and math. We also offer exciting electives which change based on the interests of students. These electives may be anything from dance to cooking.

Washington Girls Find Success At Asheville Academy For Girls

Away from the Constitution Hall and National War College of Washington, Asheville Academy for Girls is located nearby some of the country€™s most scenic and historical landmarks including Chimney Rock and Mt. Mitchell. Consider sending your daughter to one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools for young girls from Washington.

Learn more by calling toll-free at 800.264.8709.


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Mental Health America of DC €“ A 50-year-old nonprofit organization that is an affiliate of the National Mental Health Association. The organization is dedicated to the promotion, advocacy, and support of mental health in the District of Columbia. You can learn more about the organization€™s activities on their official website. The website also features resources links and information that anyone struggling with mental illness may find helpful.


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