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Therapeutic Boarding Schools Defined

Asheville Academy for Girls is one of the leading Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Asheville Academy for Girls utilizes an accredited, safety-based, developmentally appropriate approach to create one of the best therapeutic boarding schools in the country. It is a therapeutic boarding school geared towards recovering relationships, developing coping methods, and instilling confidence in its students.

Asheville Academy creates a safe, supportive environment in which girls can gain experience, increase confidence, and learn to regulate their emotions. Their clinical model includes individual, family, group, and equine therapy. Asheville Academy’s caring staff are extremely qualified in dealing with a variety  of girls. They give young girls the tools to create better academic, emotional, and physical habits to insure a better, brighter future for them.

Benefits of Asheville Academy for Girls

Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for girls 10-14, offers your daughter a change of pace, which is key to dealing with various problems. Being removed from a familiar environment encourages girls to reevaluate themselves. Some who attend have a mental illness, such as depression; others have simply encountered too much stress. Whatever the issue, at a therapeutic boarding school, it will be addressed properly.

Another aspect of sending your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school is the respect with which your child will be met. Only too often a girl who encounters an issue discovers that she is shown no support. At a therapeutic boarding school, your daughter is an individual, not simply another student.

There is a wide range of factors to consider when choosing a boarding school for struggling girls. Some of the central things to note include:

  • Professional staff. First and foremost, a therapeutic boarding school is about the people. It combines all the benefits of a regular school with the therapeutic surroundings necessary to aid your daughter in her time of need. Highly trained specialists ensure that your daughter will get the best care possible.
  • Top-notch facilities. Having safe, well-equipped facilities in a therapeutic boarding school is vital to parents’ peace of mind. Thankfully, at a therapeutic boarding school, you can certain your daughter is in good hands.
  • Communication. Sending your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school doesn’t cut her off from you. By keeping you updated on your daughter’s progress, you can see the positive changes for yourself!
  • Therapy. A therapeutic boarding school is designed to treat numerous issues and, as such, offers a number of forms of therapy to heal your daughter.
  • Family. A therapeutic boarding school is all about building connections both with the family and the community. Going to a boarding school for struggling girls reminds your daughter that she is part of something bigger.
  • Preparing for the future. The focus isn’t on merely on curing the symptoms – it is about changing the underlying problems. By fixing the deep issues, your daughter will be well on her way toward a happy, healthy future.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Defined

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” –Hippocrates

Therapeutic Boarding Schools (TBS) are residential schools that utilize the therapeutic community model which combines academics with a supervised, specialized structure for students with behavioral and/or emotional problems, learning disabilities or substance abuse issues.

The focus of a therapeutic boarding school is emotional and academic recovery to ensure behavioral, emotional, physical, social, family, academic and intellectual development. Educational and therapeutic approaches vary greatly. The typical duration of a student’s enrollment in a therapeutic boarding school can range anywhere from one to two years. Students may either receive a high school diploma or credits for transfer to another secondary school.

Therapeutic boarding schools provide long-term treatment to teens and their families. With the support of the school’s therapists, parents are equipped with the resources they need to work through problems at home while their child continues to make progress at school.


According to a study on programs like therapeutic boarding schools, youth going through the program experienced a decline in behavioral issues up to a year after going through the program. This study displays the effectiveness of therapeutic boarding schools.

Another study discusses the effective nature of animal assisted therapy in therapeutic boarding schools. Programs who use animals, such as horses, to heal children of emotional and behavioral woes find high levels of success in helping children grow and prosper.

Contemporary Articles

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, attended a therapeutic boarding school in Utah after attempting suicide in 2013. The therapeutic boarding school she attended offers equine therapy, similar to Asheville Academy’s equine therapy program. Since attending a therapeutic boarding school, Jackson has made a remarkable recovery.

Another celebrity who has recently found success in a therapeutic boarding school-like environment is pop star Kesha. Kesha recently attended a therapeutic program similar to a therapeutic boarding school for an eating issue. There, she made a full recovery and is now seeking to make her come back into the spotlight.


A Multi-Center Study of Private Residential Treatment Outcomes

Exploring Animal-Assisted Programs with Children in School and Therapeutic Contexts

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