Under Researched: Autism in Girls Is Flying Under the Radar

Autism in girls is getting a more attention recently. When autism is discussed, it’s usually in reference to boys with autism–but this may be changing. Autism in girls is diagnosed an average of two years later than in boys; that’s a huge disparity.

While autism in boys has been largely studied, for girls there has been virtually no large scale studies done–mostly because it was thought less necessary than ones for boys. Recent studies have shown that autism in girls may be much more prominent than previously thought.

Girls and boys have different needs

In most therapies, boys and girls are treated very differently. That’s because girls and boys have different struggles, different drives, different hormones, different needs–they’re just different.

Despite this, autism in girls is often treated with the same methods used with boys. This is largely because little research has gone into just autism in girls, making it hard to develop different ways of treating it.
A few ways girls differ from boys include menstruation, puberty, friendships, and romance. Those are just a few surface-level ones, once you begin to look at the brain chemistry and ingrained behaviors in both genders, it becomes even more apparent how different they truly are.

Autism in girls may just be harder to recognize

In a new study conducted by Leiden University, researchers studied the behavior of girls and boys with ASD. They found that girls with autism have enhanced social skills compared to boys, making it harder to recognize. This makes the researchers think that autism manifests itself differently depending on gender.

This explains why these kids often fly under the radar. One of the main symptoms of autism is issues with social cues–but girls with autism seem to not struggle with this as much. While they may be stronger in this area, it doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling to form meaningful relationships or having other issues in other areas.

This study shows that more research needs to be poured into autism in girls. Many more girls could be suffering from autism than we currently believe. Unless we give more attention to this subject, these kids will continue to go unnoticed.

If you believe your daughter is seriously struggling with autism or a mental health issue, it’s essential to reach out to a professional for further guidance.

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