Heartwarming Letters from our Students

Receiving letters from graduating students is always a memorable and rewarding experience for us. They serve as a testament to our positive influence on their lives and the value of their time at Asheville Academy. Letters from students and families are an invaluable source of feedback and insights that help us understand the strengths of…

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Alternatives to Medication for Young Girls with ADHD

young girls with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a relatively common mental disorder that affects primarily children and can be carried into adulthood.  This disorder is most commonly treated with prescribed medication and is effective for roughly 80% of people.  However, like most medications, ADHD medications can come with some harsh side effects and are not effective…

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Animal Therapy Helps Teen Girls with Anxiety

teen girls with anxiety

Many of the girls that we work with struggle with social anxiety and developing close relationships with peers and staff, but are uniquely skilled at connecting with animals. Relationships with animals may not involve two-sided heart-to-hearts, but are a great way for girls to learn nonverbal social skills and self-regulation when around others. At Asheville…

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Learning Issues in Girls on the Autism Spectrum

girls on the autism spectrum

One of the most common stereotypes about Autism Spectrum Disorder is that it is a type of learning disorder. For most girls on the autism spectrum, they have average to above-average intelligence scores. With this misperception, parents may be hesitant to seek out psychological testing if they do not have any immediate academic concerns. While…

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Video Game Addiction Affects Social Skills in Girls More Than Boys

video game addiction

Many people associate playing video games with being socially isolated and struggling to connect with others offline. Others argue that video games are often played with other people and teach valuable communication skills and cognitive skills, like spatial awareness and problem-solving. A recent study, published in the journal Child Development, investing the effect of playing…

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Attachment Issues More Common After Parent Divorce

attachment issues and divorce

One of the most common causes of attachment issues in children is parents getting divorced. Whether the divorce followed periods of frequent arguments or falling out of love and needing space from each other, young children often internalize messages like “relationships don’t last” or “their parents left them, not their partner, by choice.” These beliefs…

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