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The catalyst for Aubrey’s career was a deep curiosity for truth, meaning, and understanding people. This journey led her on the road to exploring a variety of opportunities and helped her develop a passion for serving humanity one family at a time. Aubrey believes that when young girls are strengthened and empowered, they make the greatest impacts on their worlds. Aubrey feels honored to serve the girls and families she works with knowing the ripples this has on the communities they touch.

Aubrey’s history includes working at a therapeutic boarding school for young girls and a DBT specific program for young women. She received her master’s degree from Lesley University in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy. She has received intensive training in DBT and Theraplay modalities. Aubrey is an LPCA in the state of North Carolina. Outside of work, Aubrey enjoys playing with her son Elijah, socializing with friends and family, expressing herself creatively, and spending time outside in the beautiful Carolina mountains.

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