Asheville Academy for Growth

Fostering a community of healthy relationships, personal growth, and academic confidence.

For many, we have been known as AAG, where the “G” once represented “Girls” in our program’s acronym. Throughout our journey, we’ve tried various changes in our name- dropping the ‘G’ all together, we even entertained a students’ suggestions to be Asheville Academy for Squirrels.

However, we recognize the importance of realigning our identity with the essence of our program and those we passionately serve.

We are Asheville Academy for Growth.

The unanimous support for this name change resonates deeply with both our dedicated staff and our vibrant student community. Embracing this identity reflects our commitment to fostering growth, resilience, and inclusivity in all aspects of our school.

In a remarkable demonstration of collaboration, students and staff actively participated in the selection of core values that define G.R.O.W.T.H:


The inclusion of our students’ voices in this process was not only significant but also emblematic of our shared commitment to empowerment and inclusion. To commemorate this milestone, our art teacher spearheaded a project, guiding students to create wonderful posters that encapsulate our ‘Growth’ core values. We can’t wait for the opportunity to showcase these pieces throughout our campus, serving as constant reminders of our collective journey towards growth, resilience, and excellence. 

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