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Asheville Academy: One of the Best Schools for Troubled Girls

Asheville Academy: One of the Best Schools for Troubled Girls


Is your daughter struggling with emotional or behavioral issues? Is this affecting her success in school? Asheville Academy helps troubled girls ages 10-14 dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, and impulsive decision making. Our personalized academic program and clinical focus helps allow for future success for young girls and their families.

A Personalized Approach to Academics

Unlike other schools for troubled girls, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our girls, which helps us create an academic plan suited to their individualized needs. Asheville Academy helps young girls excel academically with:

  • Small class sizes provide an individualized learning environment.
  • Help finding each girl’s particular learning styles.
  • Instilling study habits that are right for each girl individually
  • An experiential, hands-on approach to learning
  • A boost in self-confidence and motivation



Excellent Academics Help with the Healing Process

When girls improve academically, they find the confidence in themselves to also improve emotionally and behaviorally. Our premier therapeutic program helps girls on their path towards healing. By helping your daughter improve academically and emotionally, we help in the process of transition back to a traditional school setting.Our therapeutic programming includes equine assisted therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.


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Building Resiliency and Confidence

Our therapists provide personalized treatment plans for each child

Bringing Families Closer Together

As one of the top schools for troubled girls, we know the importance of happy, healthy families. Families of our struggling girls are included in every step of the healing process. By the end of the program, families are reunited and are prepared with the tools to improve their relationship with their daughter into the future.

For more information about how Asheville Academy can help your daughter improve academically and emotionally, please call (844) 661-9146

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