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Ancillary Services


Neurofeedback – or brain training – is a means of optimizing brain wave patterns to help us achieve emotional and mental health and well-being.  Neurofeedback can help your child improve brain functioning. Learn more about this process.

Asheville Academy has so much to offer you and your family. While your student is with us, there are a variety of add-on services that are available to your child. These include:

Nutrition Services

Nutritious Thoughts (NT) is a contract company providing nutrition support to Asheville Academy for Growth (AAG). NT dietitians are masters-level clinicians and are not employees of AAG. The contract dietitian will provide guidance and education to appropriately support your child during their time at AAG. NT dietitians focus on intuitive eating, hunger and fullness cues, and body image from a non-diet approach in adjunct with your child’s team. Weight loss will never be the primary approach for improving your child’s health. It should also be noted that nutrition services are not billed through insurance, nor are super-bills provided. All nutrition support services are added to your child’s school tuition.

Psychiatric Services

At Asheville Academy we have 3 medication providers.  Your child is assigned a provider based on who their therapist is.  Your child is initially seen after approximately 1 month so they can settle in, and so the provider can get an update on how symptoms are presenting at Asheville Academy.  Your child is seen once per month following the initial psychiatric assessment.  The provider will communicate with you after each session, and is available in between sessions for you if you have questions.

Parent Support 

At Asheville Academy families will have the opportunity to participate in a parent training twice per month via zoom; these are led by the clinical team and cover a variety of topics. 

We also have a new parent support group available for you during the first few months to help you adjust to our program, answer questions, and for you to connect with other families who share in your experiences.  

As a part of our Hero’s Journey phasework, you will have assignments to complete that parallel the growth your child is making.  During each phase we have webinars for you to watch and then process with your Asheville Academy therapist.

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